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Wood-Tex Products

2 Story Doublewide Garages


First Floor:

  • 6x6 Pressure-Treated Base anchored to concrete slab
  • Sill Seal installed between 6x6 and concrete slab
  • 2x4 Studs, 16" On Center
  • 7'9" Ceiling Height
  • (2) 9x7 Overhead Garage Doors (20' Wide Models Standard with (2) 8x7 OH Doors)
  • (1) 9 Light Prehung Outswing Fiberglass Door
  • (4) 18"x36" Windows
  • Stairway & Railing to 2nd Floor
  • House Wrap over OSB sheathing (only on vinyl garages)

Available Sizes:

  • 20x20 to 24x48

  • Second Floor:

    • Full Loft with:
      • 2x8 Floor Joists, 16" On Center
      • 3/4" T&G OSB Flooring
    • 2x6 Rafters, 16" On Center (24" with metal roof)
    • 2x4 Perlins, 24" On Center (metal roof only)
    • Full length ridge and soffit vent
    • 40 Year Painted Metal Roof OR
    • 30 Year Architectural Shingles with 7/16" Roof Sheeting and tar paper underlayment
    • (4) 18"x36" Windows


    Garages without a floor come standard with Pressure Treated 6"x6" timbers around the perimeter of each half. This holds the building together during shipping and also is the base on which the walls are built.

    OPTION #1: Pour a concrete slab and set the building directly on the concrete. The 6"x6" PT timbers then get cut out in the garage door openings and the opening between the two halves. Customer is then responsible to anchor building to concrete.

    OPTION #2: Level and tamp a gravel or crushed stone pad. Building is then delivered and set leaving the 6"x6" PT timbers intact. Concrete can then be poured inside the garage, using the PT timbers as a form. This is the perfect form for 5 ½" thick concrete.

    NOTE: For town codes requiring the garage to be set on frost footers, 18" diameter x 4' deep pillars can be poured at specific locations, the garage is then set, and the concrete slab is then poured inside the garage similar to option#2.

    Here are just a few of our many possibilities!