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2-Story Sheds

Need to increase storage space without increasing the overall footprint? Or maybe you like the aesthetics of a taller building and steeper roof pitch. In either case, a Wood-Tex Two Story Shed is the perfect match for you! Now you can store your lawn equipment downstairs and keep all your boxes, tools, and totes upstairs. You may even decide to finish the loft area out as a bonus room! These structures come standard with a staircase to the loft for easy access, or with a pull down attic staircase to maximize storage space!


  • (5) 4x4 Pressure Treated Skids
  • Pressure Treated Floor Joists, 16" On Center
    • 12' Wide: 2x4's
    • 14' Wide: 2x6's
  • 5/8" Floor Plywood
  • 2x4 Studs, 16" On Center
  • 7' 9" Ceiling Height on First Floor
  • (1) 6' Double Door
  • (2) 18x36" Sliding Window with Screens
  • Stairway & Railing to 2nd Floor
  • 12/12 Roof Pitch
  • Duratemp or Vinyl Siding


  • Full Loft with:
    • 2x8 Floor Joists, 16" On Center
    • 3/4" T&G OSB Flooring
  • 2x6 Rafters
    • 16" On Center for Shingles
    • 24" On Center with 2x4 Perlins
    • 24" On Center for Metal
  • 40 Year Painted Metal Roof
  • 30 Year Architectural Shingles with 7/16" Roof Sheathing
  • (2) 18x36" Sliding Window with Screen
2 Story A-Frame Shed

2 Story Gambrel Shed

2 Story Garden Shed

  • Mira Tec Fascia
  • Flowerboxes, Z Shutters & Trim on all windows
  • Transom Windows in Double Door

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    "This past evening I had the great fortune of watching and helping your crew install one of your Cabins that was sent here to MN. The building was purchased by a neighbor of mine. As things went the weather was and still is just horrible with cold, wet, wind, and rainy conditions. Your crew that came in is to be commended many times over. They worked thru the most adverse conditions overcoming everything that could happen and did happen. There was mud to contend with to the point of having a large backhoe come in and push, pull, drag truck, trailer and building in place. Well these young fellers just tipped their horns down and kept working thru everything that got thrown at them and took it all quite gracefully. The boys were soaking wet and cold and i know they had not eaten in some time. I will not go seriously into detail but I am sure that once all is heard you will agree with me that I think you have an outstanding crew out there delivering your product. I truly enjoyed being able to give the guys a hand. This was a good test for my ranger and it's pulling and loading capacities, I even got to do what I love best and that was some welding. I am not sure what time the guys finished last nite but the one young feller definately wanted to be home Sunday for church with his wife. I hope the fellas get home safe and sound. They both seem very knowledgeable about set-up and like I said before the mud conditions were horrible at best. I am sure all your crews are very well trained because of the different situations that may arise but these two knew their way around and worked well together."

    Mike M., Long Prairie, MN