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Questions and Answers

What is the difference between a Recreational Cabin and a Certified Modular Home?

Recreational cabins are often used as hunting camps, man caves, and weekend retreats. These cabins are not certified and cannot be used as a primary residence. Our recreational cabins can be built without working with minimum room size, insulation requirements, and so on. However, if you plan to retire in this cabin someday, or in the future would plan to sell it as a residential home, the Certified Modular Home is the way to go.

Certified Modular Homes are certified by the state in which they are delivered. They are built to the same codes as an on-site cabin would be. Each home includes a specific detailed drawing with stamped plans and each home is inspected in our facility to ensure complete code compliance. The exterior walls are a 2x6 construction (versus 2x4 wall construction for Recreational Cabins) and the insulated values are higher in the floors, walls, and ceilings in comparison to the Recreational Cabins. Certified Modular Homes are also inspected by a third party that is registered with the state in which they are delivered.

Are Woodtex Cabins Certified Modular?

Our Certified Modular Cabins are fully insulated to meet all building codes, and we provide sealed drawings for your state and/or municipality. We build your cabin to meet all local building codes and requirements for Certified Modular Homes in most states. Talk to your Sales Advisor for details on certifications in your area.

What type of Foundation Do I need for my cabin?

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a foundation for your Woodtex Cabin. We'll work with you and your foundation contractor to ensure that our construction and installation process is compatible with your foundation. Our design team will work with you to decide the best option based on your design, your landscape, code requirements, and other factors. Click here for more information about Cabin Foundations.

How is my Woodtex Cabin going to be delivered?

Woodtex cabins are delivered fully assembled and ready for turn-key use. Our crews deliver nation-wide and work through inclement weather to ensure your cabin is installed and ready for use.

Most deliveries are done with Mid Size Trucks and 40' trailers. In most cases, a member of the Woodtex team will visit your prepared site to ensure that it ready for installation. Click here for more information about how we deliver cabins.

Can I Have My Modular Home Delivered Anywhere In The Continental United States?

Absolutely! We have delivered many cabins across the United States and even into Canada.

Does Woodtex offer financing on cabins?


We have partnered with a preferred lender, who specializes in the types of Cabins we build.​ Click here for more information about financing your Woodtex Cabin.

What Makes Woodtex Modular Homes Stand Out From Other Builders?

Our buildings are manufacturer direct. Why pay the middle man when you can enjoy a satisfying, lasting business relationship directly with the manufacturer? From the very first step in the design and ordering process until the last screw is put into place, you work with our friendly, knowledgeable team. We offer many customizations. We are not limited to just a few floor plans or a standard set of options. We work closely with you, the customer, in designing the floor plans, so that your dream can become reality! If you don't see what you want, just ask. Some of our popular designs started from ideas our customers requested. Who knows, your idea may be a hit!

We expect high quality, and we know you do too. Our team is made up many Amish and Mennonite craftsmen who take pride in their work and set a high standard for themselves and others to follow. Feel free to read the many testimonies from our customers who speak very highly of the Woodtex Team.

Why Should I Consider A Modular Home Versus A Stick Built Home?

More Cost Effective: All of our materials are purchased in bulk, often by the truckload. This allows us to buy the materials at a better price, rather than buying just the right amount of materials per home.

Better Time Frame: When a home is stick built, all of the construction is done onsite; this means the construction crews are working at the home owner’s location for a long period of time. When you purchase a prefabricated cabin, most of the construction is done in the factory, minimizing the time spent on-site. Modular construction also allows for the site excavation and foundation preparation to take place at the same time as the home construction. In some cases, the home can literally be delivered the day after the foundation is completed.

Factory Inspection: All of the construction that takes place in our factory will be inspected to your local code requirements as it is being built. All the local inspector will need to see is site work, such as the foundation.

Protection from the Elements: Modular homes are built in a climate controlled facility and are completely weather-tight before leaving the factory.

Stronger Framing: Because Modular Homes are built to withstand delivery and setup, where the modules are often positioned (lowered in to place), they are constructed to more stringent codes than most stick-built homes.

What Maintenance Is Required For My Cabin?

Just as with any log exterior, our cabin siding does require some maintenance. We apply two coats of stain to the outside of your cabin during construction to preserve the wood while allowing the natural grain to show through. Over time, harsh outdoor elements such as sun and rain will begin to wear on the stain and a new treatment will need to be applied. Applying another coat of stain is a fairly simple process that most of our customers do themselves. We recommend staining your cabin every 2-5 years to keep it looking its best!