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Shed Row Horse Barns

Shed Row Horse Barns Our shed row horse barns are the most economical
choice of shelter for your horse. They are fully portable, and are perfect for locations with limited space. A shed row horse barn has individual stalls separated by 4' high oak-framed wall partitions. A 2' high powder-coated metal grill is installed on top of this partition. This option can be substituted for a solid floor to ceiling partition at no extra charge. Each stall has a 4'x7' Dutch Door and a 36"x24" sliding window with a powder-coated metal grill. A 4' free standing overhang can be added to provide extra protection from the elements. 6', 8', 10', and 12' overhangs with 6x6 post supports can be built at your location to provide more sheltered space. Constructed with white oak post & beam framing, a Wood-Tex shed row horse barn is built to stand the test of time!

  • The perfect solution for your overcrowded horse barn or paddock or the horse owner just starting out with her first horse.
  • This equine-lover's dream is made with the highest quality workmanship and materials.
  • Spacious, solidly durable, portable, attractive and readily available!
  • All our products come with a 1-Year Limited Warranty!
  • Durable ~ Customizable ~ Available!

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Horse Barn
12' x 36' Horse Barn
  • 8' Overhang
Horse Barn
10'x20' Horse Barn
  • One Run In Stall
  • One Box Stall

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