Run-In Shed

The Run-In Shed is a convenient addition to any pasture.

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Special Features

  • Allowing your horses to go in and out as they please, or to keep equipment, tools, and firewood out of the weather, the Run In Shed is an affordable, efficient barn.
  • Metal tow hooks on the corners are standard, allowing you to move this structure to different pastures. Available Sizes: 8x8 to 12x48.
Run-In Shed

Available Colors

Stain Colors
Stain Country Brown

Country Brown

Stain Country Cedar

Country Cedar

Stain Fir Pine

Fir Pine

Stain Mahogany


Stain Mushroom


Shingle Roof Colors
Shingles Black


Shingles Desert


Shingles Dove


Shingles Green


Shingles Hickory


Shingles Weathered Wood

Weathered Wood

Metal Roof Colors







Available Options

Horse Barn Options
HB Cupola Photo
HB Overhangs Photo
HB Saddle Rack Photos
Saddle Rack
HB Ridge Vent Photo
Ridge Vent
HB Gable Vent Photo
Gable Vent
HB Service Door Photo
Service Door
HB Dutch Door Photo
Dutch Door
HB Drop Vent Photo
Drop Vent
HB Hinged Stall Vent
Hinged Stall Vent
HB Window Grill Photo
Window Grill
HB Water Bucket Swing Door
Water Bucket Swing Door
HB Stall Light Photo
Stall Light
Horse Barn Options Pricing
Vent Options
  • Gable Vent (10”x16”) $45.00 each
  • Ridge Vent $8 / lin ft
  • Soffit Vent $4.75 / lin ft
  • Drop Vent (2’x3’) $125.00
  • Hinged Stall Vent (2 1/2’ x 3’) $175.00
Door Options & Upgrades

Sliding Doors

  • Add Full Solid $575
    Add Half Solid with Grills $675
    Add Half Solid with V-Yoke $695
    Add Full Mesh with V-Yoke $695
    Add Mesh Gate (swings on hinges) $695
    Add 6’x8’ Single Wood Sliding Door $695

Gable End Sliding Doors

  • 10’ Aisle $995
    12’ Aisle $1125

Dutch Doors

  • Standard Dutch Door $445
  • Dutch Door with grill top, (no window) $525
  • Dutch Door w/ 24”x24” window and grill $595
  • Replace standard window with Dutch Door $195
  • Upgrade Dutch Door to Sliding Door $175

Service Doors

  • Standard Service Door (3’x7’ or 4’x7’) $345
  • Service Door with grill, (no window) $425
  • Service Door w/ fixed 24”x24” window and grill $525
  • Extra Loft Trap Door $175
Cupola Options

Horse Barn Cupolas are pine with a concave copper roof

  • 20” $375.00
  • 24” $475.00
  • 28” $625.00
  • 32” $825.00
  • 36” $995.00
  • 48” $1295.00
  • Copper Horse Weathervane $275.00
  • Stain or Paint Cupola + 15% 
Electrical Package Options
  • 40 amp panel starter kit* $254
  • 100 amp panel starter kit* $395
  • 200 amp panel starter kit* $645
  • GFCI Receptacles $85
  • Covered Light $135
  • Light Switch $75
  • Flood Light $125

*starter kits include panel box, breaker(s), & access for feed wires

Flooring Options
  • 3/4” Pressure Treated Plywood in tack room $0.95 sq/ft
Roof Options & Upgrades
  • upgrade to 2x6 Rafters $.55 sq/ft
  • Add Tar Paper $.40 sq/ft
Other Options
  • Saddle Racks $125
  • Wall Mounted Hay Rack $145
  • Stall Fans $195
  • Upgrade Stall Partition to Removable Partition $195
  • 1x8 T&G Pine $2.25/sq ft of wall area
  • 2x8 SYP T&G Kickboard to Top Header in Stall $2.45 / sq ft of stall space
  • Chewguard on all exposed corners $2.50 / sq ft of stall space
  • Add 4’ Overhang (fully assembled to most locations) $155/lin ft.
  • Add 6’ Overhang (finished on site) $85/lin ft.
  • Add 8’ Overhang (finished on site) $95/lin ft.
  • Add 10’ Overhang (finished on site) $105/lin ft.
  • Add 12’ Overhang (finished on site) $115/lin ft.
Siding Options & Upgrades
  • Add Stain or Paint Finish $6.25/lin ft (single story)
  • $7.50/lin ft (two story)
  • LP® SmartSide®: same price, paint or stain included
  • Upgrade to Cypress Siding + 5%
Window Options & Upgrades


  • Add 24”x24” Sliding 6 Lite Windows $135
  • Add 36”x24” Sliding 9 Lite Windows $150
  • Add Window Grill $195

Windows in Aisle Sliding Barn Doors

  • Add window to 5x8 Door - (1) vertical 24x36 $145 / door
  • Add windows to 6x8 Door - (2) vertical 24x36 $245 / door

Price Calculator

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Overall building dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly. Building heights are measured ground to peak and widths are measured eave to eave.

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Questions and Answers

What comes standard on Run-In Shed?

  • Metal Reinforced Corners with Tow Hooks
  • 4' Solid Oak Kickboard
  • Board & Batten Siding
  • Your Choice of Lifetime Architectural Shingles or Metal Roof

How are Horse Barns framed?

Woodtex Horse Barns are constructed with a 6”x6” Pressure Treated Base; 4”x4” Solid Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) Posts with 2"x4" SYP Beam Framing; 2”x6” or 2"x10" Headers (depending on horse barn size and style) and 2"x6" Rafters in two story horse barns.

What kind of foundation do I need for my Horse Barn?

Site leveling and foundation preparation is the responsibility of the purchaser. You can do it yourself, although we recommend the use of a professional to ensure a stable, long-lasting surface for your structure. Talk to your Sales Advisor for possible recommended foundation services in your area.

Shed Rows and Run In Sheds may be set on almost any level surface. Woodtex recommends a foundation of 3 to 5 inches of leveled and compacted Stone Dust (a very fine, crushed stone). Any horse barn (including Shed Row and Run In) with an overhang must be set on concrete piers or a concrete slab. Our Hinged Roof and Center Aisle Horse Barns must have a concrete pier foundation or a concrete slab installed.

Click here for more information about foundations and site preparation.

How will my Horse Barn be delivered and installed?

Because of our prefab construction, delivery and installation of your horse barn is a fairly painless process!

No two deliveries are the same, and the drivers will usually take a look at your site and decide on the best way to access it. Most deliveries are done with Mid Size Trucks and 40' trailer.

Click here for more information about Horse Barn delivery.