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Monitor Horse Barn

The Monitor Barn was first built around the early 1900's and was primarily used on dairy farms. Designed for extra ventilation the "Monitor" allowed copious amounts of fresh air to flow to the lower levels and a cupola aided in circulation. These features improved the health of the cows and bolstered the farmers' livelihoods.

Today equestrians have embraced the Monitor barn for its versatility. While we offer the option of having an open Monitor with a cathedral ceiling for extra light and ventilation most folks prefer the loft option to use for storage or living space.

Is a Monitor Horse Barn Right for You?

The advantages of this spacious barn are many but some of the highlights are 9'6" side walls, 40 year metal roof, and optional 8',10', or 12' overhangs! The overhangs provide extra sheltered space for you and your horses or equipment storage. The hinged roof system is designed for quicker onsite assembly, which, in the end saves YOU money!

Stairs to the second story from the outside save space inside and a convenient back door provides easy access. The versatile loft area has enough space for hay storage, an apartment, or both!

Downstairs there is plenty of room for stalls, a tack room and storage, and even a wash stall! Optional features such as a trap door from the loft, water bucket swing doors for each stall, and an electrical package make chores in this barn an even more enjoyable activity!

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