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Prefab Garages to Meet Your Storage Needs

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Each modular garage is constructed by hand and delivered nationwide.
Our versatile, modular garages come with myriad of prefab garage options. Built to suit you, a Wood-Tex prefab garage is a great investment.

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2 story prefab garage
double prefab garage
2 story double prefab garage
modular garages built on site

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  • Floor Plans:
  • 20x20 Two Story Doublewide Garage
  • 24x24 Two Story Doublewide Garage
  • 28x28 Two Story Doublewide Garage

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    "I live in Atlanta, GA and found Woodtex while helping my mother in Rochester, NY rebuild pieces of her backyard that were damaged during a summer storm. Doing this type of thing with local vendors is difficult enough, so I was skeptical when I needed to work the process long distance with multiple vendors and services. I cannot overstate my high level of satisfaction with Woodtex. They listened carefully to what I wanted to do, which was come as close as possible to replicating and delivering a backyard playhouse that was destroyed this summer. They made recommendations on the size, colors and features and even emailed photos of the playhouse in various stages of production so that my mother could see it. They even located someone we could use to prepare the site and then ensured that the playhouse was delivered in good condition. Matt Lapp was wonderful to work with and was always available if/when I wanted to speak with matter what the question. The playhouse was delivered yesterday and it looks great in her back yard (they emailed a photo of that as well)! It was so important to be able to work with someone I had confidence in, especially when they were 1,000 miles away. I highly recommend Woodtex for your shed, barn, garage, playhouse, or other type of structure needs."
    Maureen, Atlanta, GA