Two Story Shed

Two Story sheds are a perfect pairing of increased storage space and a distinguished architectural style.

Special Features

  • The steeper roof pitch of a Two Story shed offers a dashing look, more in tune with a garage or home. You may even decide to finish out the loft area as a bonus room! Two Story Sheds come standard with a staircase to the loft for easy access, or with a pull down attic staircase to maximize storage space!
  • With storage available on two floors, you can maximize the organization of your belongings without increasing the footprint of your structure. Sizes Available: 6x8 to 16x48.
Two Story Shed

Available Colors

Siding & Trim Colors


Hunter Green


Cape Cod Gray

Dark Gray






Charcoal Brown


Urethane Colors
Urethane Chestnut Brown

Chestnut Urethane

Urethane Driftwood

Driftwood Urethane

Urethane Cedar

Cedar Urethane

Urethane Mahogany

Mahogany Urethane

Metal Roof Colors






Shingle Roof Colors
Shingles Black


Shingles Weathered


Shingles Dove


Shingles Hickory


Shingles Desert


Vinyl Siding Colors
Vinyl Almond


Vinyl Clay


Vinyl Flint


Vinyl Tan


Vinyl White


Vinyl Red (Premium)

Red (Premium)

Vinyl Sagebrook (Premium)

Sagebrook (Premium)

Vinyl Redwoord (Premium)

Redwood (Premium)

Vinyl Hearthstone Brown (Premium)

Hearthstone Brown (Premium)

Custom Upgrades

Window Options
SHEDS/GRGS 18x36 Window
18"x36" Window
SHEDS/GRGS 24x36 Window
24"x36" Window
SHEDS/GRGS 30x36 Window
30"x36" Window
SHEDS/GRGS Transom Window
Transom Window
SHEDS/GRGS Straight Window Trim
Straight Window Trim
Door Options
SHEDS/GRGS Single Wood Door
Single Wood Shed Door
SHEDS/GRGS Double Wood Shed Door
Double Wood Shed Door
SHEDS/GRGS Double Wood Garden Shed Door with Transom Windows
Double Wood Garden Shed Door with Transom Windows
SHEDS/GRGS 9 Lite Fiberglass Door
9 Lite Fiberglass Door (Out Swing)
SHEDS/GRGS Double Fiberglass Slab Door
Double Fiberglass Slab Door
SHEDS/GRGS Overhead Garage Door
Overhead Garage Door
Other Options
SHEDS/GRGS Flower Box Wood
Wood Flower Box
SHEDS/GRGS Flower Box Vinyl
Vinyl Flower Box
Wood Z Shutters
SHEDS/GRGS Vinyl Shutters
Vinyl Shutters
SHEDS/GRGS 8x16 Gable Vent
8"x16" Gable Vent
SHEDS/GRGS 8x8 Vinyl Gable Vent
8"x8" Vinyl Gable Vent
SHEDS/GRGS Flat Shed Dormer
Flat Shed Dormer


What Fits in my Shed?
SHED 8x8
8x8 Shed
SHEDS 8x12
8x12 Shed
SHED 10x12
10x12 Shed
SHED 10x16
10x16 Shed
SHED 12x16
12x16 Shed
SHEDS 12x24
12x24 Shed
SHEDS 12x20
12x20 Shed
SHEDS 14x28
14x28 Shed

For detailed pricing for delivery to your region, contact us at (866) 966-3839 or use the form below

We love our A-frame, Two-Story Shed. Thank you to all the people involved, but Amy Coon helped us with our design plans, and Wesley Youngman, and crew that came to our home to finish building the shed. We highly recommend your company to all of our friends.

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Questions and Answers

What comes standard on the Two Story Shed?

  • Available as A-frame or Gamrel Roof (Gambrel Only on 16' wide)
  • Pressure Treated 4x6 Notched Runners
  • 2x6 PT Floor Joists
  • 5/8" LP® SmartGuard® Flooring
  • 2x4 Studs, 16" on center
  • 6'6" Side Walls
  • 6' Double Door (Wood)
  • Four 18" x 36" Windows
  • Stairway and railing to Second Floor
  • 12/12 Roof Pitch on A-Frame Roof
  • Two Metal Gable Vents
  • Full Second Floor Loft with 2x8 Floor Joists, 16" on center
  • 2x6 Rafters*
  • Your Choice of Lifetime Architectural Shingles or Metal Roof
  • LP® SmartSide® Siding

*varies depending on snow load requirements

Are all storage sheds fully assembled before they get to my property?

In most cases, yes - your shed will come fully assembled. In some situations, we may construct your shed at your location because of maneuverability concerns. We'll complete the entire installation process on your property, leaving you with a fully constructed storage shed, ready for use. 

Can I finance my Woodtex Storage Shed?


We offer financing on all sheds. We work with select lending partners to bring you easy and affordable options. Click here for financing details.

Do I need a permit for my shed or garage?

That varies by town and municipality. Check with your local code office to see what the requirements are for your location. They will provide you with an application for a permit if needed and let you know the process you need to take.

If you have questions about the size and details of your structure, contact your Woodtex Sales Advisor.

How long will it take for me to get my shed?

Timeframe varies on location, time of year, our work load and the type of building you are purchasing. At the time of your order and deposit, we will provide an approximate time frame for delivery.

Give us a call any time to ask what our current lead times are for your location and structure! 

What are the advantages of a prefab shed versus stick built?

Overall, prefab structures are more cost effective to build for a number of reasons. They are manufactured in our facilities, which means there are no delays due to weather. Plus, our streamlined construction process allows us to be fast and efficient. 

Prefab structures must also withstand the stresses of being moved from our shop to your backyard. Not only are our sheds and garages built to stand the test of time on your property, they are built to stand the test of transportation as well.

What information do I need to have with me when I come in to purchase my shed?

Working with your Woodtex Sales Advisor is a breeze! Come with an idea of the size and style you need, and we'll plan the details with you. It's helpful to bring along a photo of the location where your structure will be placed. If you have specific requirements such as colors or Home Owners Association rules, bring that information with you as well. We're happy to chat with you over the phone or in person.

To place an order for your structure, you will need to provide a deposit of 35% of your purchase (in the form of Check, Cash, Money order, or Credit Card).

What is the difference between buying a shed in stock and ordering a shed?

There is no difference in the price of your structure! Depending on the lead time at your Sales Center, there may be a difference in delivery time, but not always. We're happy to deliver your dream shed direct from our sales center or fresh from our shop!

What kind of foundation do I need for my storage shed?

For the longevity and safety of your storage shed, you must provide a hard, level surface for your shed's foundation. 

We recommend a stone base with #2 crushed stone (unwashed). This stone pad should be 3 to 5 inches thick, leveled, and tamped. The stone pad should be at least 1 foot (12 inches) larger than the footprint your structure, leaving at least 6 inches on either side of your shed. 

Click here for more specifics about site preparation for your storage shed