Handcrafted Quality You Can Trust

At Woodtex, we believe in building products we are proud to put our name on. We are dedicated to maintaining building specifications that are consistently above industry standards!                  

Stronger Flooring

  • 5/8” LP® ProStruct® Shed Flooring
  • Protected against fungal decay & termite damage
  • Eco-friendly (No harmful chemicals used)
  • 4x6 Notched Runners Treated for ground contact
  • 2x6 Floor Joists
  • (The Standard, plus any sheds only 8’ wide, are built with 2x4 Floor Joists.)

Sturdier Walls

  • 2x4 Studs nailed 16” apart with a Double Top Plate
  • Built just like your house!
  • (The Standard is built with Studs nailed 24” apart with a Single Top Plate.)

Superior Roofing

  • Architectural Shingles or 
  • 29 Gauge Metal Roofing

Only The Best Materials

  • LP® Trim and Siding + High Quality Lumber
  • Long Lasting Exterior Paints & Stains
  • Dry Products (To prevent warping)