Customer Reviews & Testimonials

We exist to serve our customers, and nothing quite demonstrates that more than reviews and testimonials from our customers themselves! Did you have an outstanding Woodtex experience? Let us know!

Amy Graham

On April 3, 2017, I ordered a 14x28 Gambrel Woodtex Shed from Power and Paddle in Candor, NY.  Jim was great.  I let Megan at Woodtex Himrod know when my stone pad was ready, and Nelson was able to get my delivery date moved up more than a week.  Nelson and Megan from Woodtex kept me up to date on my shed's progress. 

On April 25, Scott and Jonathan delivered my Gambrel Shed to Willseyville, NY. They had less than 15 ft width to maneuver into the driveway with a stump on one side and a tree with brush on the other side. The actual dirt road width in front of the driveway was 17 ft with a ditch. The guys did an awesome delivery and set-up job with no damage. They set it exactly how I wanted it with 6 inches of stone behind the shed and 6 inches on either side. The shed is well built and I don't have to worry about heavy snow on the roof. I will eventually use it as a garage by adding an apron, electric, and a garage door opener.

Thanks and Kudos to everyone at Woodtex!!!!!  Love my shed!!!!

Willseyville, NY


Please express my sincere thanks to your team for a very impressive and well constructed Lincoln storage shed. It was like clockwork from Mindy in Horseheads helping me choose the right building and getting it ordered, to the constructors and delivery. I couldn't be happier. Thank you all, again.

Millport, NY

Art & Julie Salo

One of my neighbors came walking by and the guy said, 'Boy that's a really nice shed!' and I said come over and I'll show it to you! I am just tickled pink. I can't say enough about it! One of the reasons I came to you guys is because I can't STAND the sheds that come from Home Depot & Lowes-- those are just HORRIBLE! I love it. The guys from Woodtex, who put up the shed, were amazingly quick and seemed to truly enjoy their work, and I enjoyed talking with them and watching them work.

Jim Moshinskie

From the moment I walked onto their sales lot to the time the finished structure was set on my lot, I found the Woodtex management and staff very proficient on completing every detail like I wanted it. In sales, Rosa Beachy patiently showed me a variety of models and helped me tweak the one I liked into a 20x12 railroad depot to house my model railroad trains. During construction, Travis Beachy went over all my requests and then took the time to show me how it would be done on my depot. He explained all options every time, and if I wanted changes, he graciously assisted in making sure that what I wanted was what I got. 

Repeatedly, everyone on the Woodtex team respected my wishes – and oftentimes offered suggestions to make it even better. Colors, roof design, type of doors, type of windows, and special hardwood floors were carefully coordinated exactly as I dreamed. I visited the workshop several times and talked one-on-one with the electricians who again helped me make wiring decisions, including a hidden outlet in the floor to power my layout, outlets in the ceilings to operate antique railroad lanterns, special track lighting to show off railroad watercolors, and high duty electrical outlets for workshop tools. Travel suggested special double French doors that came with mini-blinds built into the panels and a Formica-covered workbench with pegboard for my model railroading instruments and electrical equipment. Travis and the electricians helped me plan for the addition of two expensive green depot 'barn lights' on either side of the French doors, and the results are remarkable. Travis' ideas for interior colors for the walls, hardwood flooring, and workbench colors were right on the target. 

I felt I was working with friends who cared, and I was impressed. I only hope my own employees display the same friendly smile and courtesy as I received every time from Travis, Rosa, and their team. When the depot arrived, Travis had to maneuver quite a tricky obstacle course to place the structure on the pad. No problem, my beautiful train depot sits exactly where I wanted it and exactly like the envisioned it. My friends who have come to visit it have remarked repeatedly 'This is not a shed, it is a palace.' I would recommend Woodtex to anyone seeking an outside structure, and I assure you that you will find them easy to work with -- no matter what 'palace' you want.

Waco, TX

Brian J. Szymaniak

Alex delivered my 10 x 14 shed (up a very steep driveway) in less that 45 minutes.  It was placed exactly where I wanted it.  He was very friendly and professional!
Thank you, Alex!

New York

M. Nichols

I am very pleased!

John & Eileen B

This is building number 2 for us from Woodtex. Same quality structure, same professionalism from all the Woodtex folks, same great price, and same great experience, start to finish, for us. This time it was Travis from the Texas location who delivered our building. He drove 6 plus hours to get here, endured another couple hours with a flat tire on the trailer enroute, yet when he arrived on site he was positive, friendly, worked some long hours, and yet took no shortcuts. I was pretty impressed with that. So while the buildings are good and all, it’s the people that really make all the difference.
Already planning building #3. As our little ranch here grows, so will our need for Woodtex outbuildings. Thanks Woodtex!

Abilene, TX

Perry & Judy

We have enjoyed our shed for just over a year, and are so pleased with the construction and the customization. It is fitting our needs perfectly. Thanks to the whole team for the building and delivery of this fantastic structure! 

Gary & Kathy D.

Thank you so very much! You have made our days a lot brighter and we just love our new building! Thank you guys!

Bath, NY

Gail W.

Hi Kent, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new store! I have never seen a building project go so fast...Your crew was so professional and courteous...a real pleasure! I hope this brings you lots of business...I listed your link on my website and also some photos of the stores progression...We have had so many compliments and I know that my business will definitely increase because of it...Thank you for everything...

Waverly, NY

I am 100% satisfied with your product and with the young man who delivered them.

Would like to pass along my appreciation to J.B. Bonistall (salesman) and Brian King (delivery) from your Himrod location for their professionalism. It was a pleasure to deal with these two fine young men. Thanks for your service and quality product.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for my mom! Your kindness, understanding, and attention to detail was much appreciated. We will always and have recommended you to others. Thank you also for your 'caring' in our times of troubles. Kim



Bought a shed from them seven years ago. Last week lost the second key. 
Called them today asking if there was somewhere closer to Ithaca to pick up a new key. Nope. Looked me up in their system and will be mailing a key at n/c. 
I realize it's a minor expense, but I do consider it as superior customer service.

Newfield, NY

I just wanted to send an email to thank you and Woodtex for the excellent service. Marvin and his crew were hard working, professional, and motivated to not only get the job done, but get it done right. They paid attention to detail and it showed in the craftsmanship.
It was a pleasure doing business with them. 
I would recommend wood tex products and serviced without hesitation. 

I just want to give appreciation to the Woodtex Team in Nashville. Amy helped me over the phone to place my order and was super friendly and helpful... Our drive way is pretty long and up a hill but he did a great job even though we've had some rain recently. 
Over all the experience I had with Woodtex was a great one and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Waynesboro, TN

Your driver was efficient, courteous and skilled with his work. He worked through a horrible downpour and was patient and pleasant. He is an asset to your company, as is everyone we have dealt with there! From Chris who delivered the building, to Heidi with HomeTowne Rentals, and Jason who sold the shed to us, it has been a pleasant and stress-free experience. We definitely will be repeat customers and have recommended you to others. Wish you all the best and hope to meet again! 

Owego, NY

I would just like to thank everyone at Wood Tex for the very wonderful experience I had purchasing a shed at your facility. A very special thank you to Kaylie and of course Chris Thompson. Chris went out of his way to make sure that our shed was placed exactly where we wanted it, not even a few inches off. It isn't often that we see the level of service that we received at Wood Tex. I will make sure to spread the word, to all I come in contact with, that your place is where it's at when a shed is needed. My warmest thanks again to all especially Kaylie and Chris.

Middlesex, NY

Our shed has been a great addition to our backyard design. We couldnt be happier with the final outcome. Thanks to the driver for the manuevering that needed to be done, excellent job! Thank you Woodtex for an excellent product.

Webster, NY

Kent did an excellent job delivering and placing our shed in the back yard. He was polite and attentive to where the shed was being placed in respect to our neighbor's yard, Before beginning to unload, he asked where the property lines were, what would be the best way to minimize ruts in our yard and how to avoid making ruts in the neighbor's yard. The mule was the choice to do the job! I was impressed that he was able to unload it by himself and later found out that my neighbor watched the entire process from her house and was also impressed. i was totally pleased with Kent , the Woodtex company and all staff I worked with throughout the process. I hope to purchase another shed or furniture from Woodtex in the future. 

Liverpool, NY

I would like to praise the work Chris did when delivering the shed to our home. Considering it was a very hot humid day, that did not deter Chris from having a constant smile, being happy and accommodating to our requests. Chris was very helpful in answering our questions and giving us suggestions as this is our first time in purchasing a shed and we did not have a lot of knowledge on best placement. Chris led us through the process. Chris told us he was there until we were happy with everything and would not quit till we were completely happy. That was good to know that he was not in a hurry to drop the shed and leave. I cannot say enough of how genuine and awesome and wonderful it was to have Chris be the one to bring our shed to us. If everyone who works for you is as accommodating as Chris, you have a great team working for you. From the starting process of looking to the purchasing of our shed to the completion of delivery and set up we have had a great experience.
It was nice to end it on such a good note with Chris.
If I had to rate our experience 1 to 10 I would give it a 15. 
Thank you so much!

Newark, NY

I cannot thank you enough for the care you took with the delivery of our new shed. Your concern of my satisfaction with the products I ordered from your company is commendable. Dealing with you company has been a pleasure from my initial call to the delivery of the shed. From additions to my order and changes with delivery, nothing was a problem. A lot of companies say their number one priority is customer satisfaction but you truly mean it. You and your company can be proud of the service and products you offer. As we discussed, some of our friends asked about the 'great deal' we got on our shed, please know that I will be singing your praises. (I won't actually be singing). And once they see the quality I'm sure they will be calling. Again, Thank you!

Susquehanna, PA

We are writing to express our extreme satisfaction with the experiences we just had with your delivery and installation expert, Kent Eberly. Kent was friendly and a pleasure to deal with from the moment he stepped out of his truck until the moment he left. Not only did he get our shed exactly where we wanted it, but he did so with great care and skill in making sure that there was no damage to our investment or our property. The service he provided was professional and we were very pleased with the results we had interacting with him.

Liverpool, NY

Wesley: I have been meaning to e-mail on our shed you put in for us at our cottage in Sodus Point. It looks great and your men did a great job putting it up in only five hours and ten minutes! Everyone likes it and we have recommended you to other people. Great Job and thank you again.

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was dealing with Woodtex and its staff. Very courteous and professional. Brian did a super job on the delivery of our shed, explained everything. He won't leave until our shed was exactly where we wanted it and were happy with what we had. I will recommend Woodtex products to any of our friends. 

Avon, NY

Just wanted to say thank you for the fast buying and delivery of the shed. Royal was very impressed by Marvin. He wanted me to email you and tell you that Marvin is a very hard-worker and a very polite, respectful young man. He was truly impressed with him and the way he worked. You have a true hard-worker working for you. Royal was amazed in how he worked and the job he did. Not too many people make Royal want to praise the job they do. And the shed is exactly what he hoped it would be. 
Again thank you for everything. 

Hadley NY

This morning we took delivery of our workshop by a guy named Chris Thompson. I want you to know he is a tremendous good will ambassador for Woodtex, and is a tremendous asset to your company! Great with the equipment and machinery, and just a great guy. I love the company! I know we've bought things from you 4 times, and he is just a wonderful man! I appreciate it and I will recommend you to all my friends! 

Elmira, NY

Thanks Woodtex. Rebecca made the purchase of a customized Sanford easy. Dwight of Firm Foundations did a great job preparing the site and Brian delivered and set it up on time and exactly where I wanted it. 

Painted Post, NY

I thought I would send a picture of my new shed as installed by Woodtex Products. 
I am really pleased with its construction and the great service that I received throughout the purchasing process. 
The mule worked great to deliver the shed to the site and the driver assured that I was pleased with the shed and its installation prior to leaving my house. 
So it was a pleasure doing business with you and I will recommend your product in the future.

Vestal, NY

Dear Woodtex Team: I wanted to take a moment to compliment you all on your excellent product, service, and working team! We had looked for over a year at more than 15 'amish-style' sheds and cottages. Very few were of good quality and those few had their prices so ridiculously high. At Woodtex, not only did I find the highest quality of craftsmanship, but I also found a place that would meet all my needs and requirements in a pleasant & patient way, with a price that was uncomparable. From the initial contact, through the building and sale, and right down to the delivery and follow up we were SOOOO impressed. What an awesome group of people to work with, so pleasant and accommodating! Many people have viewed our little cottage and we're so impressed at the workmanship and the price that I am constantly giving out your contact information, perhaps you should send me some business cards. We are thrilled with Woodtex and look forward to doing more business with them each year. 

Afton, NY

Sam was above and beyond in his efforts to get the shed into place. Very impressive.

Hi Gary, the shed is fantastic. It was amazing to see it delivered. I took quite a few pictures which are now on Facebook. Hopefully we can refer some people to you. I know my son would like one too, but that probably won't happen too soon! Please tell Mahlon that it was nice visiting with his wife while he was working so hard placing the shed. Thank you everyone! 

Greer, SC

Ralph is incredible. He is so patient, and he had to bring the shed in on a pretty steep grade. I really appreciate everyone's help!

Westminster, SC

I received delivery of my shed Monday 9/11, the driver was Alex Brotherton.  He did an outstanding job.  He was professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with.  I knew when I ordered the shed that delivery would be difficult based on the location I wanted to place my shed.  After consulting with a representative from Woodtex I was assured that even though it was a tight fit, I had just enough clearance to allow for delivery.  Upon arrival the 10’ wide shed was loaded unto the forklift unit and the journey down the long narrow (11’) pathway began.  I was unaware of just how much the ground sloped toward my home on this pathway.  As we hit the sloped section of the path, the shed tilted with the slope.  Alex was patient, moving back & forth slowly adjusting for the tilt. Unfortunately the path is so narrow about half way to our final destination we were out of adjustment room and the tilting shed was an inch from the house.  Alex, set the shed down and was going to move the forklift unit to the front of the shed to try and correct the angle.  Due to the landscape the forklift unit was trapped behind the shed with no way to get around to the front.  After some thought we proceeded to climb under the shed with a pick axe and trench out the slope by 4 inches for about 10 feet so the ground would be level enough so the shed would not tilt into the house.  We finally got the shed set. Now Alex had to get his forklift out from behind the shed.  After some maneuvering and with not a fraction of an inch to spare the forklift was out.  I wish I had this on video because although I have not seen any other deliveries I have to believe this was the tightest squeeze possible for a successful delivery.  In addition, after this entire process Alex helped me level the shed.  Job well done - above and beyond.
Many thanks!

We love our A-frame, Two-Story Shed. Thank you to all the people involved, but Amy Coon helped us with our design plans, and Wesley Youngman, and crew that came to our home to finish building the shed. We highly recommend your company to all of our friends.

Rochester, NY

We have two Woodtex sheds we have had for years. Having been in the building trades most of my adult life, I was going to build my own. I started pricing it out and before I got to shingles, hardware, paint, labor etc., I was already above the (delivered) cost of Woodtex. 

The ordering, purchase and delivery was a pleasure throughout an we have been happy with the sheds!

Big KUDOs, Woodtex. We'll recommend you every time.


Alex delivered our new shed to our cabin in Ulysses, PA and he was wonderful to deal with... very well mannered and knowledgeable. Great person and made the experience a delight... Thank you Woodtex!


Stevens, PA

Just wanted to let you know that Alex was very helpful with the delivery of our woodtex shed. He was professional and knowledgeable with all of our questions. 
Thank you,


Good morning,

I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure to have Marvin Beiler deliver our shed for us. He is very polite and professional. He definitely knows his craft and represents your company very well!

Thank you!

My new shed has been on site for a few hours now and I haven’t stopped smiling. Its amazing how many neighbors have stopped by to take a look at my new lawn mower  “playhouse” It looks great and everything was made just the way I was promised. Your production team did a great job!

The entire process was flawless from start to finish. Jonathan was great to work with and answered all my questions and made the buying part very easy. Alex delivered the shed when promised and did a fantastic job getting the shed from the street to the site. Not a piece of grass was out of place when he left. I would also like to give a shout out to Whitcomb Excavating. Scott prepared the stone site so everything sits solid and level.

So thank you all! for a very pleasurable experience.

Penfield, NY