Not Your Average Lawn Chair

Not Your Average Lawn Chair

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We have been selling Poly Outdoor Furniture for a few years now, and every year the manufacturer makes really great improvements to their designs. Some recent improvements include a redeveloped construction process that allows for screws to be hidden, which creates a really clean, smooth look on these pieces.

 Poly Outdoor Furniture with hidden screws - Woodtex

New in 2015, the all-time favorite backyard seat become a lot more efficient… it can be folded!

Folding Adirondack Chairs!

Another all new product this year is the fire pit. The poly top comes in most of the same colors as the poly furniture, and all fire pits come with a glass wind guard.

Beautiful Fire Pit made from Poly Furniture

So when we say that our Poly Furniture is “Not Your Average Lawn Chair”… I think you know what we mean now. Poly Lumber is a maintenance-free material with smooth feel and fade resistant color. So in a nutshell… you can leave it outside all year round, in the sun, snow, and sand, and it will look stunning year after year after year. Plus, it’s made from recycled milk jugs. So basically… it’s magic. And the ability to transform your backyard or deck works like magic also. Here are some of our favorite collections of Poly Outdoor Furniture:

Fantastic Poolside Poly

 Fantastic Poolside Poly Furniture! Fantastic Poolside Poly Furniture!

Fantastic Poolside Poly!

Ultimate Outdoor Dining

Ultimate Outdoor Dining with Poly Furniture

Dreamy Outdoor Living

DREAMY! Outdoor Living space with Poly Furniture DREAMY! Outdoor Living space with Poly Furniture

Fire Pits are All The Rage

Dreamy Outdoor Living Dreamy Outdoor Living Dreamy Outdoor Living