In Honor of Superhero Dads: The 7 Best Superhero Lairs of All Time

In Honor of Superhero Dads: The 7 Best Superhero Lairs of All Time

Every superhero needs a place to retreat to. A place where he can store his gadgets and tools, park his vehicles, and be recharged and rejuvenated to launch another mission. 

In honor of Father's Day we've put together a list of the 7 Best Superhero Lairs in history. There is no denying that dads have near supernatural abilities to fight off villains, rescue a damsel in distress, and bring peace to their embattled domain.

Here are the top seven superhero lairs of all time:

1). Batman's Batcave

Deep underneath Wayne Manor is the Batcave. Privacy, tranquility, and a place to store his gear - the perfect superhero lair. A secret from his enemies, the Batcave also is home to a crimefighting supercomputer that algorithmically tracks potential problems in Gotham and beyond. 


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2) Stark Tower

A self-powered high rise building complex in Manhattan, the Stark Tower is the headquarters of The Avengers. The top 10 floors were originally dedicated entirely to research and development. Stark Tower is no secret to the villains - in fact Loki tried to take over Stark Tower during his quest to conquer earth. 

stark tower


3) Pop's Shed 

Real life superheros walk among us everyday. And they keep their cape, tools and gear in a Woodtex Shed. They're called Dad, Pops, Papa, and more. The shed is where Pops can recharge his batteries (literally!), store his Batmobile - err, zero turn mower, and hang his hammer (of Thor?). 

shed for dad


4) S.H.I.E.LD Helicarrier

An advanced aerial vehicle, the Helicarrier resembles an aircraft carrier. It was designed to be capable of sustained flight via four huge engines. S.H.I.E.L.D. uses the Helicarrier as a mobile base from which they launch operations and reconnaissance missions. 



5) Superman's Fortress of Solitude 

The existence of Superman's headquarters in the Arctic is only known to his closest friends and allies. The crystalline structure houses the spoils from defeated enemies, as well as Kryptonian technology. 

supermans fortress


6) Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum

An unassuming brownstone located at 117A Bleecker Street served for a time as a temporary headquarters for a squad of Avengers who were trying to avoid the Superhuman Registration Act. Dr. Strange retreats from his enemies - and everyone else - in the Sanctorum. 




7) Baxter Building

Another Manhattan high rise, the 35 story Baxter Building was the original headquartesr for the Fantastic Four. The 2' thick composite glass windows and armored exterior walls are all mirror clad. The steel-alloy framework is rigid enough to stand on one corner and not deform! 

baxter building



As you celebrate the supehero dads in your life this weekend, consider taking a walk through some sheds at a Woodtex location near you. You may just find the perfect retreat for your own superhero! 

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