Top 3 Shed Upgrades

Top 3 Shed Upgrades

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Sometimes a customer may look at a Storage Shed at our Sales Center and say "YES - that's the one I want!" Other times, they request specific design or function details. Some upgrades can be added before delivery or often, we simply build a new shed to the customers specifications (an advantage of being a Shed retailer and manufacturer) . While we have numerous options for our Sheds–from paint and stain colors to siding and roofing choices–we also have several upgrades that customer like to choose. Here are some of the most common upgrades for Storage Sheds.


The addition of a ramp to your shed provides easy access, eliminating a step up to enter the structure. Depending on your foundation, the step up to enter your shed could be quite steep. But even the smallest step makes it very difficult to move a lawnmower in and out! We have two different styles of ramps that suit different situations. 

Heavy Duty Ramp

Our Heavy Duty Ramp is designed for sheds and garages where heavier equipment may be moving in and out. Below, you'll see our Heavy Duty Ramps pictured on our Classic Garage shed.

Deluxe Ramp

Our Deluxe Ramp is really unique–is comes in two (or more) planks and can easily be moved, removed, and adjusted by hand. They are very sturdy, and allow for smooth access to and from the shed, while still accommodating the design of our Shed doors.

Bigger Windows

More natural light in your shed is always a good thing! Many of our sheds come standard with 24"x36" windows, but you can always upgrade them to our 30"x36" - it's super easy! Larger windows not only allow more natural light into your shed, but also more ventilation and a look that is likely to match the look of your home.

Window Trim

Along with the addition of bigger windows, adding window trim is a simple upgrade that really adds character to your shed. It's amazing what the little details can do!

When you're in the market for a Woodtex Shed, look for the "Custom Upgrade Options" to see all that we have to offer. Click here to try it out – let's build a shed just for you!