Win a Shed, Give a Shed (Update)

Win a Shed, Give a Shed (Update)

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We have officially had a BLAST with a giveaway we did at our Sales Center in Nashville!

It might seem a little extreme, but since it's the Christmas season, it only made sense to give away one shed and allow the winner to choose someone on their own shopping list (or themselves) to receive a shed as well. 

We had several ways for people to enter - either through and online form, through text message, in person, and through the mail. We received over 5,500 entries total! And we had tons of Likes, Comments, and Shares on the Woodtex Tennessee Facebook page

We have notified the winner, and we'll post their name as soon as we verify their acceptance! Stay tuned!


When we first started throwing around the idea of this holiday contest, we all thought “how great would it be to not only give away a shed but let the winner give another to someone they felt could really use it?!” We knew we had something exciting on our hands. Little did we know just how this story would unfold!

We’ve wanted to share the details of the winners with you for some time, but it’s taken a bit of coordination to get everyone notified and delivered. We’re happy to report that both sheds were delivered and the recipients could not be happier!

In late November, we officially launched the Win a Shed, Give a Shed contest. We posted links to enter online through our Facebook page, Instagram account, ran ads in local papers, offered a text to win option and had folks fill out ballots when they stopped in our Mt. Juliet Sales Center. We received letters and social media posts of people telling us how much they’d like to win and what they wanted to do with the shed they could giveaway. We truly feel like people were just as excited (if not more so!) of the thought they could give such a wonderful gift as they were to win themselves. We were overwhelmed with the response. The total entries came to a whopping 5,758!

On December 18, we anxiously awaited the postal carrier to capture the last entries received that day. And early afternoon, all of us gathered around the enormous pile of entries and randomly drew our winner. 

To our surprise, the winning ballot had no person’s name. Just St. Michael’s Anglican Church and a phone number. Frankly, we all scratched our heads a moment and weren’t sure exactly how to proceed. But we called the number and left a message.

It took a few days, but we did finally get a call back from Rev. Allen Willis. He was in utter disbelief and so very humbled to have won. It is still a mystery as to who anonymously voted for the tiny church in Gallatin. St. Michael’s Anglican Church was established around ten years ago, however, in early 2015 the church bought a historic building in Gallatin. The Shiloh property is one of the oldest landmarks in Gallatin, built in the 1870’s. The church renovated the building that had been sitting empty for more than 50 years and added electricity and a small secondary building on the property. However, one of the largest problems they faced was storage. (Old buildings just didn’t have much closet space.)

The week of the drawing here at Woodtex, the church members had a budget meeting where Rev. Willis said: “I don’t know how we’re going to do it, but we have to find some money to purchase a storage building.” Much to his surprise, that worry would be no more just a few days later.

After being notified, Rev. Willis came to our office to personally thank us and let us know just what this would mean for their small church, and how it would benefit its 50+ members. He also let us know just how difficult it was going to be for him to decide just who he wanted to gift the second shed to! He had several people and non-profit organizations in mind, and he wanted to visit each one and determine where he thought it would be most useful.

After the new year, he let us know he’d decided to give the second shed to the non-profit, Gallatin Senior Center. And after we visited the center yesterday, it was clear to see why.

The director, Nona Yates, told us that the center helps over 200 Seniors in the Gallatin area. From meals to activities, dances, bingo, karaoke, playing pool and just general socializing. This place is special and means so much to those who visit it each day. The Center also has it’s own Thrift Store where Seniors can buy items they need and donate items they are no longer using. (If you have items you no longer need, we urge you to donate as well!) She has big plans for the shed we delivered and already knows what they plan to store in it. She said that they were so very appreciative, and this gift was going to be very helpful to them.

As a bonus, the Center had been having an issue with others using a back alley to access and park in their parking lot. Non-Center members were taking up valuable space for seniors who weren’t able to park at their own Center. We were able to place the shed in an area where that would no longer be an issue, and the Seniors would have their parking lot back! 

This contest turned out to be so much more than we anticipated. These two sheds have ended up benefiting well over 250 people in our local community, and we couldn’t be happier to have made that happen. Our sincerest thanks to everyone who entered. It wouldn’t have been such a success with you!